"Robert Menzel - Alchemy"


„Alchemy is an influential tradition whose practitioners have, from antiquity, claimed it to be the precursor to profound powers. It is the chemistry of the subtlest kind which allows one to observe extraordinary chemical operations at a more rapid pace; ones that require a long time for nature to produce.“


„Robert Menzel - Alchemy“ is the Saxophonist‘s most recent offspring. It contours his musical coordinate system in an impressive fashion and takes the listener on to an adventurous and - from time to time - dangerous voyage in the pursuit of simple beauty.
Menzel‘s compositions as well as their interpretation describe, due to their emotional density and convincingness, a cosmos from which it is hard to escape once one has opened up to it.
Jazz - and improvised music in general - always reflects the soul and inner procedures of the performer(s). It is a collective process, that needs to be shaped with deep confidence in order to open up the space for the music to individuate.
The protagonists‘ understanding of these coherencies can be felt right away when listening to the music.

Robert Menzel - tenor sax
Clemens Pötzsch - piano
Robert Lucaciu - bass
Philipp Scholz - drums


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